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Propane Delivery and Services in Richlands, NC, and Nearby Towns

Tidewater Energy provides service you can count on!

If you need propane delivery and service in the Richlands area, Tidewater Energy is the provider to trust. We are a local business and are dedicated to giving you friendly and reliable service. When you contact us, you’ll speak to someone from your community, not an outsourced call center.

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Get these services at Tidewater Energy’s Richlands location

  • Propane delivery – If you choose our Automatic Delivery option for propane, you’ll find that your delivery service is even more reliable, because we will automatically schedule your deliveries without your needing to make a request.
  • Propane tanks and monitoring – We offer professional propane tank installation at a reasonable cost. You can also choose to lease the tanks at an affordable rate. For added convenience, we provide a wireless monitoring subscription service to ensure a steady propane supply for your home.
  • Pricing and payment options – Take control of your propane costs your way with our plans, including Budget Plan, PreBuy and Price Cap.
  • Propane appliance installation and service – We offer installation, maintenance and repair services specifically for propane-powered appliances such as water heaters, space heaters, wall heaters, outdoor living equipment, generators, and fireplace and hearth products. Our services aim to boost your home’s energy efficiency and comfort.
  • Commercial propane – Tidewater Energy provides customized propane services to cater to the specific requirements of various businesses. We offer bulk propane delivery, forklift cylinder services, commercial kitchen and restaurant services, temporary construction heating, and lawn care and landscaping services. Our goal is to enhance the productivity and efficiency of your business.
  • Agricultural propane – Tidewater Energy offers propane delivery services that farm owners can rely on for crop drying, sanitizing poultry houses, weed elimination through flames, and heating livestock barns and poultry houses. Our services are dependable and cater specifically to the propane requirements of farms.

Folks in Richland are big fans of Tidewater Energy!

They are good with us! I have nothing but good to say about tide waters in Richlands NC ! The receptionist is awesome! Really nice people!!!! REALLY! – Cheryl G.

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