Propane Livestock Barn Heating Services in Eastern North Carolina

Protect your livestock with help from Tidewater Energy’s agricultural propane services

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Did you know that livestock — especially hogs — makes up almost 25% of the state’s farm cash receipts?

For many Eastern North Carolina farmers, livestock is a huge investment. With propane services from Tidewater Energy, your hogs, cattle, calves and other livestock can be safe, comfortable and productive.

We provide bulk propane delivery customized to your farm’s needs. We also install propane tanks and offer cost-effective propane tank leasing, along with wireless propane tank monitoring. Our propane equipment services help you keep your barns and hog houses energy efficient, cutting your costs while protecting your investment.

How propane can be used in livestock barns and hog houses

Providing a safe environment for your farm’s livestock is an investment in maximizing your potential profits. Using propane in your barns and livestock houses helps protect and enhance that option without breaking the bank.

Because propane is versatile, it’s a natural energy choice for your outbuildings. With the propane stored on-site in your propane tanks, you never need to worry about having the fuel for heating your hog houses and barns.

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Here are some of the ways propane can be used in your outbuildings:

Barn and hog house heating — If you use propane for home heating, you know how it offers consistent and comfortable heating with superior energy efficiency.

You can provide that same safety and comfort to your cattle, calves, hogs and other livestock with propane barn and hog house heating.

Water heating — Propane tankless water heaters in your barn provide dramatic savings on energy costs, because they give you endless hot water whenever you need it, without a storage tank of water being heated and reheated 24 hours a day whether it’s being used or not. Not having a storage tank also means that you don’t need to think about tank failure and the hassle and expense that go with it.

Generators — A power outage can be calamitous on a farm with barns and hog houses. Extended power outages leave your barns without heat or hot water, which can be dangerous for the livestock in them.

That’s why many farms are turning to standby generators. Tidewater Energy is a Kohler Platinum Dealer. We will make sure that your new Kohler generator is the right size for your building and provide expert installation and service.

A Kohler standby generator is a great investment in protecting your hogs, calves, cattle and other livestock. When the power goes out, the generator waits several seconds to see if it’s just a glitch. If the power doesn’t come back at that point, the generator automatically turns on. You don’t need to be there to do it.

Using a standby generator is also safer for you as well as your livestock. That’s because the generator is safely outside, meaning you don’t have to worry about gasoline exhaust getting into your outbuildings and endangering the people and animals in them.

With dependable propane services from Tidewater Energy, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your livestock is safe and comfortable. Contact us today for a consultation.

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