Propane Services for Poultry Farm Sanitation

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Poultry makes up almost one-third of North Carolina’s cash receipts from agriculture. The value of the chickens, turkeys and eggs produced in-state is approximately $44.5 million.

Whether you sell commercial broilers, eggs or turkeys, your poultry operation is an essential part of the local and state economy.

Eastern North Carolina farmers like yourself who raise poultry make a huge investment. Protecting it from diseases including avian flu is essential. So is growing a healthy flock. Tidewater Energy is here to help with our agricultural propane services so that you can put propane to work in your poultry houses.

Our services include:

Our agricultural propane experts are here for you to make sure that you get the right services for your poultry houses. We are the gas division of Harvey Fertilizer & Gas, which has been serving local farms like yours since 1871.

How can propane be used in poultry houses?

Propane’s versatility, reliability and energy efficiency make it an outstanding choice for poultry houses.

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Propane is an outstanding choice for poultry houses as it is a clean-burning fuel with low emissions, making it safe for the birds. Propane heating can be used in a poultry house to maintain the optimal temperature for chickens and turkeys. When the cycle is done, the healthy meat and eggs can be packaged and sent to supermarkets for public consumption.

Many poultry farms are moving to tubular heating, which is a radiant heater hung near the ceiling of the poultry house. The system consists of a firebox connected to a metal tube, which radiates the heat from the firebox into the poultry house. It is much more efficient than radiant heat lights, keeping the birds warm while helping to cut energy costs.

Using propane radiant heating for brooder houses for the six-week grow-out period helps chicks stay safe and warm until they’re ready to move out.

Why is sanitizing poultry houses with propane a good idea?

Using propane for sanitizing poultry houses first took hold in organic poultry farming. This method gave organic farmers the ability to sanitize their poultry houses effectively and safely without the use of chemicals that would have jeopardized their organic standing.

Today, sanitizing poultry houses using propane has also become quite popular with conventional poultry houses for multiple reasons. The first is speed. The work is done quickly. Workers are not exposed to chemicals, as they are with conventional chemical-based poultry house sanitizing, making for a safer work environment. Propane sanitizing is also more cost-effective than using chemicals.

Another problem with chemicals is that the viruses, fungus and bacteria in the shavings on the floors of poultry houses eventually become resistant to the chemicals. They won’t become resistant to the heat from propane poultry house sanitizing, which means your poultry house stays safer in the long run.

Keep your poultry and poultry houses safe with propane services from Tidewater Energy. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do for your farm.

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