Posted: December 19, 2023

Benefits of Whole-House Generators

Reasons why a generator may be good for your family and home

generators Many of us go through our day-to-day lives unknowingly taking advantage of the fact that we have power available at our fingertips. Our expectation is that the lights will turn on when we flip the light switch and that the garage door will open when we press the clicker.

However, we can pretty safely estimate that, on average, most homes lose power for about seven hours every year. For those of us in Eastern North Carolina, that number may even be higher considering we are hit with hurricanes, tropical storms, winter storms and severe thunderstorms throughout the year – all of which can cause the power to go out.

And that is where whole-house generators come in.

Whole-house generators explained

Whole-house generators (otherwise known as standby generators) literally “stand by” until your home’s power goes out. When the power does go out, a whole-house generator will briefly wait to see if the power will return before kicking in. If the power doesn’t return, the generator will turn on, which brings power back to your home. Whole-house standby generators are powered by either natural gas or propane, which is why they work even during a blackout.

Reasons to consider a whole-house generator

A short explanation for why you should consider purchasing a whole-house generator and what the benefits of one are is so you can avoid being without power for an extended amount of time. But there’s more to whole-house generators than that. Here is a look at some of their benefits and some reasons why you may want to have one on hand:

Turn to Tidewater Energy for generator services

If you are in Eastern North Carolina, Tidewater Energy’s generator services can help keep you, your home and your family safe throughout any and all power outages.

We carry Kohler whole-house standby generators and our team of service technicians is trained to provide high quality generator services. They can help you pick out the generator that works best for your home, install that generator and perform regular maintenance on it to keep it working.

Don’t wait until you lose power to add a whole-house generator to your home. Contact Tidewater Energy today!