Posted: October 16, 2023

Cozy Up To A Propane Fireplace This Season

Explore how to add more warmth to your home

gas fireplaces wilson, nc When it is a cold winter day in Eastern North Carolina and snow is falling outside, there is sometimes nothing better than making yourself comfortable around your home’s fireplace. But sometimes lighting a fire on a wood-burning fireplace feels like more trouble than it’s worth.

If you are looking for the coziness of a fireplace to keep you warm throughout the winter season, but dread the hassle and the mess that comes along with a wood-burning fireplace, it may be time to make the switch to a propane gas fireplace.

Propane Gas Fireplaces Explained

Propane gas fireplaces are powered by fuel and they use gas logs as opposed to wood. There are two different types – those with direct vents and those without vents.

Homeowners generally like direct-vent fireplaces since they have a flame that looks real and is appealing to the eye. But if you are looking for a fireplace that is efficient and actually warms up a room, a direct-vent fireplace is not your answer since a lot of the heat they produce disappears through the chimney or flue.

Fireplaces without vents give off more heat. However, their flames are smaller and less lifelike when compared to direct-vent fireplaces. It should also be noted that instead of releasing their exhaust outdoors, vent-free fireplaces release their exhaust into a house. Therefore, installing them in a bedroom or another enclosed area such as a bathroom is not possible.

A propane gas fireplace needs gas logs. These are generally made of refractory ceramic, ceramic fiber or refractory cement and they come in multiple sizes and styles. Gas logs can actually produce more heat than electric fireplaces do.

Reasons To Consider A Propane Fireplace

Here are some benefits of gas logs and gas fireplaces:

Tidewater Energy And Propane Fireplaces

Tidewater Energy can easily install a propane fireplace in your Eastern North Carolina home. In fact, we are considered the area’s go to for professional and safe natural gas and propane fireplace installation, repair services and maintenance. We even offer potential customers who are considering making the switch to a propane fireplace a free estimate.

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