Posted: May 6, 2024

How To Install A Grill Tank To Your Grill

Follow these steps for an easy installation

grill tank Alliance, NC If you spend a lot of time at your grill throughout the spring and summer here in North Carolina, you want to make sure that you are staying as safe as you possibly can. This is just as important as knowing how to use your gas grill for cooking purposes. To stay safe, there are all sorts of guidelines and tips that you should be following to stay out of harms way. Part of knowing how to grill in a safe way is becoming a pro at changing and installing your propane grill tank.

Installing a propane cylinder

Installing a new propane cylinder (otherwise referred to as a grill tank) to your grill is a fairly easy and simple process. Here is a basic outline of how you do it:

Replacing your grill tank

So that takes care of how to install a brand new grill propane cylinder. Eventually, your original propane cylinder will be empty and you will need to replace it or refill it. This process is fairly easy as well. Here is how you change out an empty grill tank for a full one:

Refilling your propane grill tank

Most grills use a grill tank that is about 20 pounds. These can fuel a medium sized grill for about 18 to 20 hours of grilling or fuel a large grill for about 10 hours of grilling. After this, you will need a propane refill. You should replace your cylinder completely every 10 years (this is when they officially expire).

You will know that it’s time for a propane tank refill when:

Your grilling and Tidewater Energy

Homeowners in Eastern North Carolina can count on Tidewater Energy to help keep their grills working all spring and summer long. Whether you need a propane delivery for a cylinder refill or need your outdoor living appliances serviced our team can help.

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