Posted: August 21, 2023

Propane vs. Heating Oil

Discover the advantages of propane for your home!

propane delivery Washington, nc As you drive around your little corner of Eastern North Carolina, you are probably seeing propane tanks in more and more of your neighbors’ yards.

People have found out that propane is more energy-efficient and reliable than heating oil in keeping their homes warm and comfortable. They get that and more with Tidewater Energy for dependable propane delivery and service.

Let’s compare these two fuels.


Propane furnaces have an average efficiency of 90%, but newer models can reach up to 98% efficiency. If your heating system is powered by oil and is old, it may only be 60% efficient. This means that 40% of your heating oil cost is wasted in combustion instead of heating your home.

Propane is a cost-efficient option that can keep your home more comfortable than heating oil. By upgrading to propane, you can enjoy significant savings without compromising on warmth. Choose propane for maximum value. In addition, propane does not lose effectiveness as it ages, while heating oil may become less efficient if not used for extended periods of time.


Propane is more versatile than heating oil because it can not only heat your home and water more efficiently, but it also has many other uses.

if you don’t have access to natural gas, you can still enjoy the benefits of cooking with a gas range by using propane. Additionally, using a propane clothes dryer can make your laundry day faster and easier, as they can complete the task 25% faster than electric models and cause less wear and wrinkles.

Propane-powered appliances provide heating solutions for indoor and outdoor living spaces. With a propane space heater, you can comfortably enjoy unheated areas such as a sunporch, garage, workshop or shed throughout the year. Additionally, a propane fireplace allows you to relax in front of a fire without the hassle of carrying wood, building a fire, or cleaning up ashes. Outdoors, propane can power a variety of appliances including grills, pool or spa heaters, fire pits, deck or patio heaters, insect traps, and more.


Did you know that a leak in your heating oil tank can lead to expensive remediation costs? Those remediation costs can be tens of thousands of dollars and heating oil tank failures and heating oil leaks are generally not covered by homeowner’s insurance policies.

You don’t have to worry about that with propane!

Propane also offers security and safety through a whole-house standby generator, which ensures that your home remains comfortable and safe during power outages. As soon as the power goes out, the generator waits a few seconds to see if the outage is just temporary. If the electricity doesn’t come back on, the generator kicks on and provides power to your home.

With the generator, you can keep your food safely cold in the refrigerator and freezer, operate HVAC and home security systems, charge your electronic devices, operate a sump pump, and use home medical equipment such as a CPAP.

With dependable propane delivery and service from Tidewater Energy, you can enjoy all the benefits that propane can bring to your Eastern North Carolina home! Become a customer today.