Posted: November 6, 2023

What size propane tank is right for you?

propane tank Tarboro, nc If you have ever found yourself in the market for a new propane tank, you know that they come in a variety of sizes. The specific propane tank size that is going to work for your home and your family depends on quite a few things.

What Affects My Propane Tank Size?

Lots of homeowners use propane to power and fuel appliances and equipment around their houses, but the amount of propane that everyone uses varies. One’s propane usage depends on exactly what propane is being used for, the size of a house, how old a house is, how well insulated a home is and how many windows a home has.

To determine exactly what size propane tank you need, there are many factors that need to be taken into account such as:

Propane Tank Sizes

Let’s take a more specific look at what size propane tanks are out there on the market and what types of homes they are best for:

Leasing Propane Tanks

Sometimes owning your own propane tank is more trouble than it’s worth, not to mention the fact that it is quite costly once you add up the cost of buying the tank, installation fees and maintenance fees. That is why Tidewater Energy gives our customers the option of leasing a tank. This option gets you all the propane you need at a reasonable monthly price and it includes the cost of all repairs and maintenance.

Wireless Propane Tank Monitoring

Tank leasing isn’t the only convenience Tidewater Energy offers. We also have complimentary wireless propane tank monitoring. Tank monitors allow us to read your propane levels in real-time and schedule your propane deliveries accordingly, which means you don’t have to worry about running out of propane.

If you are in Eastern North Carolina contact Tidewater Energy today to learn more about our propane tank installation, tank leasing and wireless tank monitoring services.