Posted: May 20, 2024

What Burns Hotter: Propane or Natural Gas?

This is the burning question

propane Beaufort County, NC The word ‘propane’ is sometimes used interchangeably with gas. While propane technically is a gas, it is not exactly the same as natural gas. The two things differ in certain ways. However, one of their similarities can be found in how hot they burn.

The differences between propane and natural gas

Before we get into how propane and natural gas are similar, let’s first take a look at where and how they differ:

How hot propane and natural gas can get

Now that we have broken down some differences between propane and natural gas let’s dive into one of their similarities.

Both propane and natural gas burn at a temperature of 3,560 degrees Fahrenheit. While their burning temperature is the same, you are actually able to get more energy with a single unit of propane than you with natural gas. One cubic foot of propane produces about 2,520 British Thermal Units (BTUs) of heat. Natural gas only produces about 1,012 BTUs per cubic foot.

Renewable propane

Not only is there a difference between propane and natural gas, but there is also a difference between propane and renewable propane.

Renewable propane is made from a variety of organic feedstock. This can be cooking grease, animal fats, woody biomass, plant oils and municipal waste. The goal of renewable propane is to help decrease carbon emissions so the fuel takes up a very small carbon footprint. While your standard propane is environmentally friendly, renewable propane is even more environmentally friendly.

Even though they are made differently, standard propane and renewable propane can be used interchangeably when it comes to powering or fueling appliances or pieces of equipment.

Propane from Tidewater Energy

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