Posted: September 5, 2023

When Should I Refill My Propane Grill Tank?

grill tank refill La Grange, nc You may consider yourself an expert when it comes to grilling a meal on your propane-fueled grill. Perhaps you have mastered how to cook that delicious hamburger or that perfectly charred hot dog or that impeccably seared steak.

However, even if the food you grill is top notch that does not necessarily mean you know when you should refill your propane grill tank. So how exactly do you know when it is time for a refill? Let’s take a look and find out.

When Is It Time To Refill Your Propane Grill Tank?

Knowing when it’s time for a propane tank refill is important. After all, you don’t want to head outside to your outdoor living space prepared to grill something up for your family and friends only to discover that your propane supply is too low to actually do any grilling.

Here are some signs that it’s time to order a new supply of propane for your grill tank:

The Lifespan Of A Propane Grill Tank

How long a propane grill tank lasts depends on the size of the grill that it’s fueling. On average, a propane grill tank that is 20 pounds can fuel a medium sized grill for between 18 and 20 hours and a large grill for about 10 hours. Propane grill tank cylinders should be replaced every 10 years seeing as they do expire.

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