Propane for Agriculture in Eastern North Carolina

Tidewater Energy is here to help your farm flourish

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Agriculture has close to $93 billion in economic impact in North Carolina, making up one-sixth of the state’s economy.

Ensuring that local farmers here in Eastern North Carolina have what they need to succeed is at the heart of Tidewater Energy’s agricultural propane services.

Trust Tidewater Energy with your farm’s propane needs

Like any business, your farm needs propane services you can count on to be there for you.

Tidewater Energy offers something no other propane company in the area can: a deep knowledge of local agricultural businesses. We are the propane gas division of Harvey Fertilizer & Gas, the region’s leader in complete agricultural services, which has been serving farms like yours since 1871.

We provide complete propane services for your farm, starting when we work with you to determine what propane can do for your farm and what you will need from us. From there, we provide:

How can propane be used in agriculture?

Propane’s versatility, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness make it an outstanding energy source for a wide range of applications on farms in Eastern North Carolina.

Crop drying – Propane’s energy efficiency and precise temperature control are ideal for flue-curing tobacco leaves, as it is a cost-effective way to get the job done while helping to ensure the best results.

Flame weed control – Whether you practice organic farming or are looking for a more expedient, budget-friendly way of stopping weeds from damaging your crops, propane flame weed control is for you.

Livestock heating – Propane provides reliable, energy-efficient heating for your livestock barns thanks to its being stored on-site in your propane tanks. You aren’t at the mercy of a utility’s infrastructure.

Poultry house sanitation and heating – Protect your poultry and your investment with propane-powered sanitation and heating.

These are just the beginning of the ways that having propane on your farm can help give you cost-effective energy.

Propane heating is also ideal for greenhouses and to heat water for barns, poultry houses and other outbuildings.

If you use forklifts on your farm, propane-powered forklifts offer safe indoor/outdoor use, quick and easy refueling (just replace the empty cylinder with a full one and it’s back on the job), and superior, long-lasting power that works great on inclines and in wet conditions. We provide customized forklift cylinder exchange services.

Are you building a new barn or other outbuilding? Tidewater Energy’s temporary construction heating helps your project move forward while protecting materials when the weather gets cold.

Tidewater Energy is a Kohler Platinum Dealer, offering expert installation and service for top-quality, reliable propane standby generators that keep lights and equipment running in your farm buildings and your home.

If you’re ready for the best agricultural propane service in Eastern North Carolina, contact Tidewater Energy today to get started!

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