Propane for Commercial Cooking in Eastern North Carolina

Tidewater Propane’s services keep your kitchen running efficiently!

commercial kitchens new bern, ncIf you own a restaurant, a bakery, a delivery-only ghost kitchen, a catering business or a commercial kitchen such as at a resort or a golf course, you have to provide your employees with the energy source they need to turn out large quantities of food while keeping quality high.

Virtually all professional chefs prefer using gas for cooking. If your commercial kitchen or restaurant is in a location not served by a natural gas utility, or if you want a reliable gas source not at the mercy of a gas utility’s infrastructure, the commercial propane services from Tidewater Energy are for you! We are part of a business that has been meeting the needs of local industries since 1871, and we’re known for our dependability.

Commercial cooking propane services from Tidewater Energy

Because Tidewater Energy is a local business, we can provide the responsive, customized commercial propane services that you just can’t get with a large, national propane company. Our fellow local businesses are our neighbors, and we value and want to help them succeed.

We’ll work with you to set up your propane service, from installing the tank to providing customized bulk propane delivery, which ensures that your commercial kitchen appliances always have the fuel they need. Our pricing is fair, competitive and transparent.

How is propane used in commercial kitchens?

commercial kitchens alliance, ncPropane’s versatility makes it an outstanding energy choice for restaurants and commercial kitchens. Not only does it elevate the cooking, its energy efficiency helps keep your costs under control.

Here are some of the ways propane can make your food business better:

Ranges – Cooking with propane gas provides precise, instant temperature control that allows your chefs to cook food properly, whether it’s a perfectly sautéed chicken breast that stays juicy, pasta that’s just al dente or vegetables cooked to a perfect crispy tenderness.

Ovens – Propane gas ovens have a moister heat than electric models. This allows for better results when you’re roasting large cuts of meat or vegetables, because they brown beautifully but don’t dry out.

Broilers – Commercial broilers are needed to get that perfect sear on steaks, chops and other proteins. Propane has the Btu’s needed to get that done.

Deep fryers – This is another appliance for which propane’s advantages are clear. Propane deep fryers heat up dramatically faster than electric deep fryers, and between that and greater efficiency, will lower your energy costs.

Grills – If your commercial cooking business or restaurant has outdoor space, a propane grill gives you the opportunity to expand your menu with grilled foods. It heats up much faster than a charcoal grill and provides the instant temperature control needed for superior results.

Warming and buffet stations – Propane warming and buffet stations offer better energy efficiency, and their swift, precise temperature control will keep sauces, soups and other foods safely warm without scorching.

Water heaters For dishwashing and laundry, you need lots of hot water fast. Propane models get water hot much faster than electric ones, and propane tankless water heaters offer endless hot water, on demand.

Take advantage of all that propane can do for your restaurant or commercial kitchen! Contact Tidewater Propane today to set up a meeting.

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