Propane Wall Heater Installation and Service in Stantonsburg and Winterville, NC and Surrounding Communities

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Many of us here in Eastern North Carolina have places in our homes or on our property that cannot be used during the winter because they’re unheated or inadequately heated. These spaces include:

Propane and natural gas wall heaters from Tidewater Energy give you the heating to enjoy those spaces in comfort. We sell and install outstanding quality wall heaters. Our skilled and experienced service technicians also provide maintenance and repair services on wall heaters.

The benefits of wall heaters

You get outstanding energy efficiency. Propane heaters can be very efficient, with some models boasting up to a 99% efficiency rating. This means that up to 99 cents of every dollar you spend on the propane you use will be converted to heat for your room rather than being lost in the combustion process.

wall heaters winterville, nc

SAVE $500 or more!

Rooms heat up quickly. A gas wall heater can get a room warm in two minutes or less. Gas wall heaters produce more Btu’s (British thermal units) than electricity, making them the option for faster as well as efficient heating.

You can use wall heaters for supplemental heating. If you built an addition onto your home or added finished space, like enclosing a sunporch, your home’s heating system may not be able to handle the extra workload. Using a wall heater in this new space makes it easier to keep it warm without putting more wear and tear on your heating system.

Wall heaters don’t take up floor space. If space is at a premium in the room you want to heat, wall heaters are an ideal solution. They allow you to stay comfortable without losing space in the room.

Vented and vent-free wall heaters

Vented propane or natural gas wall heaters release any harmful combustion gases outside through a chimney or a vent pipe located at the back of the unit.

Please note that vented wall heaters have to be installed on an exterior wall, which may limit your placement options within a room. Additionally, installation tends to take longer and is more costly than with vent-free heaters.

For vent-free wall heaters, ductwork and vents are not necessary, making the units’ installation less complicated. They can be installed in places where vented heaters are not feasible.

There are different sizes available for vent-free wall heaters, and you can select either infrared heating, which emits heat into the space, or blue-flame heating, which warms up the room through convection.

Oxygen depletion sensors, overheating protection and automatic shutoffs are safety features that come with modern vent-free propane wall heaters.

Because ventless wall heaters release exhaust inside the home, it is against the law to install them in rooms where people sleep. Some towns or cities might prohibit the installation of such heaters in any room. Before selecting a space heater, make sure to check your local regulations.

Propane wall heater safety tips

While propane and natural gas wall heaters have many safety features, you need to know about how to use them while keeping your home and loved ones safe.

Make your home more comfortable with propane wall heaters from Tidewater Energy! Contact us today to get started.

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