Commercial Propane Services for Richlands and Saratoga, NC, and other Eastern North Carolina Communities

Put Tidewater Energy to work for your business!

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So many kinds of businesses here in Eastern North Carolina rely on propane. And lots of those businesses know that they can rely on Tidewater Energy for their commercial propane services.

Our services are customized to each of our commercial clients, as we partner with them to make sure they get the propane they need when they need it. Here are some of the commercial propane services that we provide.

Temporary construction heat

While Eastern North Carolina may not get the bitter cold that the North does, chilly winter temperatures can still wreak havoc on construction projects. Temporary construction heating equipment such as space heaters and ground-thawing equipment helps to keep your projects moving forward, protects materials, and allows your workers to get the job done in safety and comfort.

Forklift cylinders

Propane forklifts are vastly superior to forklifts powered by gasoline or electricity. Thanks to having zero emissions, propane forklifts can be safely operated indoors as well as out. They offer superior power and efficiency when compared with electric forklifts. Our forklift cylinder exchange service makes sure your forklifts always have the fuel they need to keep working.

Commercial kitchens

Restaurants and commercial kitchens can use propane in a wide variety of ways beyond ovens and ranges . Propane can power outdoor grills, deep fryers, warming trays and commercial-strength boilers, along with high-efficiency water heaters to help clean dishes, cookware and linens faster and better.

Lawn maintenance

Propane-powered landscaping and lawn maintenance equipment is the future when it comes to commercial landscaping and lawn care businesses. Propane burns more cleanly than gasoline or diesel, making it safer for you and your employees. Propane equipment can last dramatically longer with less maintenance, improving your bottom line. It is also a selling point for potential customers who value environmental friendliness.

If you’re looking for a commercial propane services company you can count on, you’ve come to the right place! Get in touch with Tidewater Energy to learn more about what we can do for your Eastern North Carolina business.

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