Space Heater Installation and Service in Greenville and Pinetops, NC, and Their Surrounding Communities

Enjoy year-round comfort with Tidewater Energy!

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While Eastern North Carolina does not get the extreme temperatures that regions further north do, we can still get pretty cold as average winter lows hover around 32°F. In fact, the temperature has dropped below zero here in recent years.

That means you may need help at times making sure that your home stays warm and comfortable. With propane and natural gas space heaters from Tidewater Energy, you’ll enjoy that comfort while not breaking the bank!

We will help you find the right space heater for your home. For starters, we’ll make sure you have the right size. One that doesn’t give off enough Btu’s (British thermal units) won’t get your space warm. One that gives off too many will use more propane than is needed to warm the space, costing you more money in the long run.

In addition to selling and installing space heaters, we also offer expert maintenance and repair services so that your space heater will operate efficiently and safely.

The advantages of propane space heaters

Today’s propane space heaters offer many benefits when it comes to keeping your home warm and comfortable. Here are some of them:

space heaters pinetops, nc

Heating the whole house — Are there areas in your house, such as a finished attic, an addition, an enclosed sunporch or a garage workshop, that are not adequately heated or that your heating system does not reach? Maybe some of your rooms are drafty and struggle to stay warm. Using a propane space heater to warm up a specific area instead of increasing the heat for the whole house can help save money.

Get zoned heating — How frequently is every room in your house being used during the daytime? Typically, the bedrooms are not being utilized when everyone is in the kitchen, living room, family room or home office — or out at school or work. That situation is reversed at night. Why use the heating system to keep the entire house warm when you’re only in one area? Propane space heaters offer customizable heating options, which can help you save energy and money.

Fast heating — Propane space heaters can warm a room quickly — due to the high heat produced by propane — unlike central heating systems, which may take 30 minutes or more to achieve the same result. With a propane space heater, a room can be heated in just a few minutes.

Energy efficiency — Some models of propane heaters have an efficiency rating of up to 99%, meaning that almost all the money spent on propane will be used for heating the room.

Space heater safety best practices

With strong government regulations and high industry standards, propane has an outstanding record for safety. However, there is some important information to know about how to safely use propane space heaters in your home.

Whether you’re in Tarboro or Goldsboro, you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of space heaters with Tidewater Energy! Contact us today to learn more about our space heater services.

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