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Propane is versatile and energy efficient, which can greatly improve your quality of life. Every room in your home and many day-to-day activities can be made better with propane and propane appliances.

If you want to enjoy the multitude of benefits propane can provide in your home, it’s important to have a reliable propane delivery company. Tidewater Energy is the trusted company for many of your neighbors here in Eastern North Carolina.

We make it easy to switch with our FREE tank swap, safety check, and tank monitoring. With our pricing and payment options , you can manage your propane costs your way!

Get worry-free Automatic Delivery

It’s important to avoid running out of propane, a risk you take if you choose Will-Call and don’t remember to regularly check your propane tank gauge levels.

Calling Tidewater Energy for the refill of your propane tank is not the only step involved in dealing with a propane run-out. There are extra inconveniences and costs — emergency propane deliveries come with surcharges. Additionally, our professional service technicians are required to conduct a pressure test on your propane tank and relight the pilots on all your propane appliances.

With Tidewater Energy’s Automatic Delivery plan, you can ensure a constant propane supply effortlessly. Our system keeps a record of your propane usage and arranges a delivery according to your needs. You can sit back and relax as we take care of everything!

propane delivery saratoga, nc

Get peace of mind with wireless propane tank monitoring

Automatic Delivery is great, but sometimes people want absolute precision when it comes to their propane supply.
If you have made changes in your home life, such as enclosing your sunporch for four-season use or having elderly parents move in with you, your propane usage may have increased. The propane usage calculations that we do may not account for these changes, especially if we’re not informed of them, and that could result in a low propane supply and the need for an emergency delivery.

With wireless propane tank monitoring , you can put all your worries about having enough propane to rest. The monitoring device measures the level of propane in your tank on a continuous basis, and promptly transmits the information to Tidewater Energy using wireless cellular technology. When the propane level in your tank reaches a certain level, the monitor informs us, and we schedule a delivery to you before you run out.

Tidewater Energy provides a FREE wireless propane tank monitoring service to all its propane delivery customers. This service is aimed at enhancing our customer experience by enabling us to plan and manage propane deliveries more efficiently. Consequently, we can serve more customers each day while still being available for emergency delivery services.

Our wireless propane tank monitoring service can benefit all customers, but it is particularly suitable for certain customers. Here are a few examples.

Tidewater Energy makes always having propane in your home a piece of cake. Become a customer today!

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