Forklift Propane Services for Goldsboro and New Bern, NC, and Nearby Communities

Tidewater Energy helps fuel your business’s success

Propane-powered forklifts are the best option for achieving efficiency and productivity, and they also make good fiscal sense. Tidewater Energy provides reliable commercial propane forklift services that allow your business to benefit from all that propane forklifts have to offer. Tidewater Energy is part of a long-standing company serving the area since 1871, and you can trust us to provide reliable propane forklift cylinder service for your business.

You may be surprised at just how many businesses here in Eastern North Carolina rely on forklifts for essential tasks. Industries include:

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Reliable propane tanks for forklifts services

Our work with you begins with learning about your business, how you use propane forklifts, and your need for propane forklift cylinders. With this information, we come up with a cylinder exchange schedule.

Then we set up a secure storage tank for the cylinders at your business or job site, and make sure that your workers are carefully taught about the safe use and handling of propane cylinders. If you prefer, we can also set up a propane dispensing station on-site for refills.

Once the exchange is set up, you will get propane forklift cylinder services that are unmatched in reliability. We show up when we say we will, and your business will always have enough propane forklift cylinders to keep your forklifts running.

Because Tidewater Energy is a local business, we can be responsive in a way the larger, national propane companies can’t. We work with you to ensure that the exchange service is meeting your needs. If you have a busy stretch when you’ll need more cylinders, we can make an emergency cylinder delivery and exchange, and adjust our continuing delivery and exchange schedule accordingly.

The advantages of using propane for forklifts

Propane forklifts can offer several benefits for your business, including improved efficiency and productivity and potential cost savings.

Get long-lasting, steady power with propane. A typical propane forklift cylinder can provide enough power to last for a full shift, which is around eight hours. If the forklift runs out of propane while in operation, there will be minimal downtime for workers, since they can quickly replace the depleted tank with a full one in just five minutes or less and resume their work.

An electric forklift needs to be recharged before it can be used again when it runs out of power. For many electric forklifts, recharging takes at least eight hours, which means you cannot use them for a whole shift. You will also need to sacrifice workspace to make room for forklift charging stations. Gasoline and diesel forklifts take longer to refuel and increase the risk of fuel spills. And a fuel spill leads to lost work time and added costs for cleaning it up.

As the batteries of electric forklifts drain, their power decreases gradually. In contrast, propane forklifts maintain full power for as long as there is propane in the cylinder.

Propane forklifts are able to handle heavier workloads and perform better on inclines than electric forklifts. This means faster and more efficient job completion.

Get the job done in any environment or weather. Propane forklifts are suitable for working in both wet and dry conditions, unlike electric forklifts. If you need to move materials between indoor and outdoor environments, propane forklifts are the best option. Gasoline-powered forklifts create harmful emissions and therefore cannot be used safely indoors.

Propane forklifts are the cost-effective choice. Propane is an environmentally friendly fuel source that can also save your business money, both now and in the future. Propane-powered forklifts have a clean burn and need less maintenance, which results in their having a longer life expectancy than those that run on gasoline or electricity. You can feel confident that propane forklifts are the right choice for both the environment and your business.

Tidewater Energy is an outstanding partner for your business’s propane forklift needs. Get in touch with us to arrange a consultation.

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