Service Plans for Propane Appliances

Tidewater Energy helps protect your investment!

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The Tidewater Energy service plan is a yearly agreement that provides coverage for your home’s propane generators and water heaters, including an annual maintenance tune-up.

Service plans typically provide coverage or discounts for various repair-related parts-and-labor costs, as well as benefits such as priority emergency service and warranties for parts.

Here’s what you get with a Tidewater Energy service plan:

What are the benefits of a service plan?

By enrolling in a service plan at Tidewater Energy, you can enjoy extra benefits in addition to the ones already mentioned.

Preventative care — An annual maintenance tune-up involves checking, cleaning and adjusting your equipment’s parts to prepare it for use. We conduct a detailed inspection from top to bottom to prevent any issues and further damage. This inspection is done by our experienced technicians.

Improved efficiency — Are you interested in reducing your energy expenses? A tune-up can help you achieve this goal! For example, by getting a tune-up for your water heater, you can save up to 10% on its energy costs annually. This can translate to significant savings when you take into account that heating water accounts for approximately 20% of your home’s energy costs.

Protection against breakdowns — The detailed tune-up included in our service plans can greatly reduce the risk of a breakdown, since your equipment will run more smoothly. During the tune-up, we also deal with problems that could cause a breakdown later on.

Keeping your warranty valid — To fulfill the warranty obligation of many propane appliance manufacturers, it is necessary to have professional maintenance annually. Our service plans can provide proof that you have completed this requirement if your water heater or generator needs warranty-covered repairs.

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