Temporary Heating Solutions in Roseneath and Kinston, NC, and Nearby Towns

Keep your projects moving forward with help from Tidewater Energy!

construction heat jacksonville, ncWhile winters here in Eastern North Carolina may not be too extreme , cold temperatures can still hurt construction projects.

The cold can cost your business time and money, whether it’s because of damaged materials or delays in work being done. Fortunately, Tidewater Energy offers temporary heating solutions.

We’ll provide reliable bulk propane delivery to your job site and lease propane storage tanks for refilling your temporary heating equipment’s propane cylinders.

Propane is also a great solution for other construction work. Propane-powered forklifts can work both indoors and out, have more power than electric forklifts, and are swiftly refueled — you simply replace the empty cylinder with a full one. Propane generators can quickly charge batteries for cordless tools without taxing on-site electricity resources.

Types of temporary heating equipment

There are multiple options for temporary heating at your construction site. Here are some of them:

Direct-fired heaters – Direct-fired heaters are highly efficient, as they convert almost all of their fuel into heat. But it’s important to note that they are only suitable for use in open areas on construction sites and loading docks. These heaters should not be used in enclosed spaces where there is no access to fresh outdoor air.

Indirect-fired heaters – If you are in an enclosed space that lacks proper ventilation, indirect-fired heaters are your best bet. These units release only fresh air through their vents and move the combustion byproducts outside. Ducting is necessary to eliminate the dangerous fumes or introduce fresh air. Moreover, indirect-fired heaters will not increase the moisture level of the air in your working area.

Ground-thawing equipment – The first freeze here in Eastern North Carolina tends to happen in mid-November. After that first freeze, you are likely to need assistance in being able to work on projects such as paving and foundations. Propane ground-thawing equipment ensures that projects can be done properly.

Advantages of temp heat

Temporary heating not only provides a comfortable and safe work environment for employees, but it also has specific benefits for projects and materials. It is a major asset in keeping your projects on schedule. All of this combines to minimize costs and maximize profits for your business.

construction heating plymouth, ncHere are some key benefits provided by propane temporary heating:

Temporary heating equipment safety

When used correctly, temporary heating equipment is a safe and cost-effective method to keep workers and job sites warm and to complete projects on time.

Tidewater Energy is here for you to make sure that your employees understand the safe handling and use of propane temporary heating equipment and the propane cylinders that run it.

These are some essential safety best practices when using propane temporary heating:

From Goldsboro to Greenville, you can count on Tidewater Energy to meet your temporary construction heating needs. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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