Kohler Propane and Natural Gas Generator Installation and Service in Scotland Neck and Ayden, NC, and Nearby Towns

Keep safe and comfortable when the power goes out with Tidewater Energy!

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On average, most homes lose power for about seven hours each year. But here in Eastern North Carolina, we are especially vulnerable to power outages, as hurricanes, tropical storms, wintertime coastal storms and run-of-the-mill summer thunderstorms can knock out the electricity in our homes.

Tidewater Energy offers a solution that will help protect your home, your family and your possessions: a Kohler whole-house standby generator. Kohler is an industry leader in quality, efficiency and safety with its line of standby generators. We are a Kohler Platinum Dealer, meaning our team of service technicians has the training and experience to provide top-notch service. We’ll help you secure Kohler financing.

Being a local business, we understand that our customers have individual needs when it comes to a standby generator. We’ll go over your home size and what you want powered. Some customers just want enough electricity for the lights and the refrigerator. Others want to ensure that their HVAC system, home security system and electronics will also have power. With your information and goals, we’ll guide you to the right Kohler standby generator for your home.

Once your standby generator is installed, we’ll help you make sure it’s there when you need it with regular generator maintenance , something that’s included in our generator service plans.

Tidewater Energy’s complete generator services

One of the benefits of using Tidewater Energy for your whole-house standby generator services is that we’re your one-stop shop!

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SAVE $500 or more!

Not only do we install and service your Kohler standby generator, but we can also install a propane tank for it and provide reliable propane delivery and wireless propane tank monitoring to ensure that your generator always has the fuel it needs to do its job.

Benefits of a Kohler standby generator

While portable generators can do some things, Kohler whole-house standby generators are superior in terms of safety and efficiency. With a Kohler generator, you can power more appliances, electronics and equipment in your home, ensuring your safety, security and comfort, and that of your family.

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One huge advantage of a Kohler propane or natural gas whole-house standby generator is that you don’t have to go outdoors in hazardous conditions to start it, which you do need to do with portable generators.

Here’s how a standby generator works: The generator is connected to your home’s electrical system and does just what its name implies — it stands by until the power goes out. The generator waits several seconds to see if the outage is just a glitch, and, if the power does not come back, it kicks on and begins powering your home. You don’t have to do a thing, or even be home!

Here are five reasons a Kohler whole-house standby generator is the right way to go for your home.

  1. It protects your family. If you have a whole-house generator, it will ensure that important medical equipment such as CPAPs and electric wheelchairs remain operational.
  2. It protects your property. If you experience a power outage, your home security system will run on a battery backup until that battery runs out. If it runs out before the power outage ends, your home security system will not work. With a propane or natural gas standby generator, it will stay running.
  3. It protects your comfort. If you experience a power outage during the summer, a whole-house backup generator powered by propane or natural gas can supply electricity to keep your air conditioning on.
  4. It protects your food. If you have a stand-alone freezer as well as a refrigerator, you might be storing hundreds of dollars’ worth of food. However, food in the refrigerator can spoil within four hours . If a power outage goes on for more than a day, all that food (and the money you spent on it) could end up in the trash. A standby generator keeps your food safely cold and powers appliances to cook it.
  5. It protects connections. During emergencies, a natural gas or propane standby generator can provide power to keep you connected with your family and local authorities, lets you work from home, and allows children to access their school, games and entertainment.

From Willow Creek to Rocky Mount, Tidewater Energy’s Kohler generator services help keep your home and loved ones protected during power outages. Contact us today to learn more about adding a Kohler whole-house standby generator to your home!

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