Residential Propane Services in Plymouth and Stantonsburg, NC and the surrounding area

You can count on Tidewater Energy for your home’s propane needs!

residential propane stantonsburg, ncDo you use propane in your home? If so, you know what an outstanding energy source it is for keeping your home comfortable while providing many amenities.

If you are new to using propane at home and need a service company in Eastern North Carolina, Tidewater Energy is a reliable choice.

You can count on us to provide fuel for all your home’s propane appliances, as we are a full-service company. We offer personalized, courteous and prompt propane service that is unmatched by the big, national propane customers.

You’re not a mere account number with Tidewater Energy. You are a neighbor, and you are treated like one. We offer:

What can propane do for my home?

Propane’s versatility, reliability and energy efficiency are making it the energy choice for many homes here in Eastern North Carolina.

Are you considering adding propane to your home and wondering what it can do for you? We’re here to show you how propane can enhance the value of your home and increase your quality of life in various ways.

Look around your home and there is not a room that can’t be improved by the use of propane and propane appliances.

residential propane plymouth, ncHome heating. Propane space and wall heaters make every room comfortable when the temperature drops.

Water heating. Propane water heaters offer superior speed and energy efficiency compared with electric water heaters. Want endless hot water on demand? A propane tankless water heater offers just that!

Cooking. Enjoy the precise, instant temperature control that cooking with gas provides, helping to ensure that your meals turn out delicious.

Clothes drying. Propane clothes dryers make laundry day easier with 25% faster drying, less wear and fewer wrinkles.

Fireplaces. Enjoy comfort and relaxation at the push of a button with a propane fireplace and hearth products.

Outdoor living. Your backyard will be a destination for fun and relaxation with propane outdoor living appliances like grills, firepits, pool and spa heaters, outdoor fireplaces, deck and patio heaters, gas lighting, insect traps and more.

Generators. As we know all too well here in North Carolina, severe weather like tropical storms and hurricanes can cause power outages that last for days, if not weeks. A propane whole-house standby generator keeps lights on, food safely cold, home security and HVAC systems running, electronics charged, and medical equipment like CPAPs and electric wheelchairs operating.

Enjoy all that propane can do for your Eastern North Carolina home with the dependable propane delivery and service provided by Tidewater Energy! Become a customer today.

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