Propane Tank Installation and Wireless Propane Tank Monitors

Tidewater Energy can meet all your propane tank needs!

propane tank monitoring washington, ncIf your home uses propane appliances, you’ll need a propane tank. That’s where Tidewater Energy comes in! We provide complete propane tank services to make having propane in your home simple and stress-free.

Tidewater Energy provides expert propane tank installation, maintenance and repair services. We’ll make sure you have the right tank size for your home. Our affordable propane tank leasing makes having a propane tank a breeze. Every one of our customers who has a tank installed by us also gets a wireless propane tank monitor for free.

Propane tank installation

There are multiple reasons you may need a new propane tank at your home. Perhaps you have converted your home to run on propane. Or perhaps you have added several new propane appliances and need a larger tank.

Are you switching your propane provider to Tidewater Energy? Our hassle-free switch takes all the stress away! We’ll disconnect your old tank, safely and expertly install your new tank, and provide a FREE pressure test and safety check.

While virtually all our customers prefer the option of propane tank leasing, thanks to its ease and convenience, we understand that some people prefer to own their tanks. If you are purchasing a new propane tank for your home, we offer both aboveground and underground tank installation done to meet all regulations and standards for safety.

What size propane tank do I need for my home?

Although your home and your neighbor’s home may be a similar size, it’s important to note that propane tanks are not one-size-fits-all. This means that you may require a different size of propane tank than your neighbor.

Here’s why this may be the case. Your propane usage and needs are influenced by various factors, such as the size, age and insulation of your home as well as the number of windows it has. Additionally, your propane usage habits, the condition and age of your propane appliances, and the number of propane appliances in your home affect the appropriate size of propane tank for your needs. For example, you may use propane for your water heater, space heating, cooking and a fireplace. Your neighbor may only use propane for cooking. That means you’ll need a larger tank.

This is where the personal service of a local, established business like Tidewater Energy can help you. We’ll go over your propane usage requirements and history and find out whether you’ve added propane appliances or if you plan to soon. This will help us to determine which size of propane tank will best suit your home.

Here are some propane tank sizes and the kinds of homes they would work best in:

tank sizes la grange, nc120 gallons – This tank size is suitable for households with a single small appliance that uses propane gas, such as a dryer or a fireplace.

250 gallons – If you have three or more propane-powered appliances in your home, such as a water heater, a range, a fireplace, a dryer and a space heater, then you may want to consider using a tank of this size.

330 gallons – This tank size is suitable for households with numerous propane appliances or high-usage propane appliances like water heaters and wall heaters. It can also be utilized to run propane-powered whole-house backup generators.

500 gallons – Most homes that use propane for whole-house heating will require this size tank.

1,000 gallons – This size tank is most commonly used by our commercial, agricultural and industrial customers. It is also appropriate for affluent households that depend on propane for both home heating and water heating purposes, along with several propane-run appliances, which may include high-Btu devices like pool and spa heaters.

Propane tank maintenance made easy with tank leasing!

The purchase of a propane tank for your home involves a lot of up-front expenses. First, there is the tank you need to buy. Then there are the installation costs. There are still expenses even after your tank is installed, as you’re on the hook for all maintenance and repair costs.

That’s why the overwhelming majority of our customers prefer to lease their tank from Tidewater Energy! Our affordable tank leasing means that you can enjoy having a safe, quality propane tank at your home with a low monthly payment that also covers all tank maintenance and repair costs.

Never worry about runouts with wireleess propane tank monitoring

Life can get busy. With FREE wireless propane tank monitoring from Tidewater Energy, you can take managing your propane supply off your to-do list.

Our monitor has a sensor cable that reads propane levels in your tank. It has wireless and cellular technology similar to smartphones, allowing Tidewater Energy to stay informed of your propane supply constantly. We monitor your propane levels 24/7 in real-time.

Why do we offer such a great service at no cost? Wireless propane tank monitoring allows us to more efficiently plan our propane deliveries so we can provide reliable and responsive delivery service to more customers each day.

With propane tank installation, leasing and wireless monitoring from Tidewater Energy, having propane in your Eastern North Carolina home is easy and worry-free! Become a Tidewater Energy customer today.

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