Propane Weed Control Services in Eastern North Carolina

Get rid of weeds safely and efficiently with Tidewater Energy

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There are all sorts of invasive weeds in North Carolina that can wreak havoc on crop fields, pastures and hayfields.

Whether it’s Palmer amaranth, Italian ryegrass, itchweed, nutsedge, ragweed or wild onion, invasive weeds can steal water and nutrients from your crops and reduce the amount of hay and grass available for livestock.

There’s an approach to getting these weeds under control that you may not have heard of: propane torches that use flames to kill them. With propane services from Tidewater Energy, you can take advantage of this quick, safe, effective method for weed control.

We offer personalized bulk propane delivery to your farm, along with propane tank installation and leasing, and wireless propane tank monitoring.

Why use a propane torch for weed control?

Propane flame weed control was first embraced by farmers specializing in organic farming. It allows them to keep weeds under control without using herbicides and other chemicals that would make their crops nonorganic, or using organic herbicides that are more costly but may not be effective.

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These days, however, farms that are not certified as organic are embracing the benefits that propane flame weed control offers.

Farmers are appreciating the safety provided by a propane flame torch. They and their workers are not being exposed to the potentially hazardous and unhealthy chemicals in herbicides.

Sunflowers are the most common crop protected with propane flame weed control.

Another advantage of using a propane flame torch is efficiency. With herbicides, there is a waiting period before people can go back into the fields. There’s zero wait with propane flame weed control! Once it’s done, you and your workers can get back to work in the fields without worry.

Propane flame weed control is safer for your fields in another way. In the rare event of a propane leak in your fields, the propane gas would simply dissipate into the air. It would not harm the soil, the plants or the groundwater.

Between the cost of the herbicides and the forced downtime that comes with using them, you can see how propane flame weed control is a more cost-effective option.

Flame weed control can be used in circumstances where chemical herbicides would not work, such as in very moist or stony ground. Using flame weed control does not disturb plant diversity, making it more attractive when it comes to sustainable agriculture.

Eventually, weeds will evolve and become resistant to your current chemical herbicides. That results in needing to buy a different herbicide. But weeds will never become resistant to the heat generated by a propane flame torch. With propane, you’ll always have what you need to safely and effectively kill weeds in your fields.

Propane flame weed control offers other benefits:

Partner with Tidewater Energy for propane flame weed control that will protect your crops without the expense, hassle and danger of chemical herbicides. Contact us today to get started.

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