Are Tankless Water Heaters Worth it?

A look at their advantages

water heaters New Bern, NC You know that your home needs hot water. But what you may be less sure about is what exactly you should use to get your water hot and have hot water readily available within your home. A tankless water heater is a solid solution to this problem. Here is a look at why.

The benefits of tankless water heaters

On top of providing hot water to you, your home and your family, tankless water heaters offer a whole long list of benefits. Here is a look at how you can benefit from tankless water heaters and what makes them worth it:

Water heaters and water heater installations from Tidewater Energy

If you are a homeowner who is thinking about switching from a storage tank water heater to a tankless water heater or if the time has finally come to upgrade your system and you are in or near Kingston or Greenville, North Carolina the team at Tidewater Energy can help.

Here is a look at the services we offer when it comes to water heaters:

When your home needs a new water heater or servicing on your current water heater, know that you can count on Tidewater Energy. Contact us today and let us know how we can help with your water heater needs!

Best Cold Zone Space Heaters

Their benefits and selecting the right one for you

space heaters Plymouth, NC Chances are that your home has some kind of home heating system. And it’s likely that you rely on this home heating system to keep your house warm and comfortable all winter long. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a room in your home that stays colder than others despite having the heat. Or maybe there is a space in your house that that just always feel super drafty. For those rooms and spaces, otherwise known as cold zones, a propane space heater comes in quite handy.

Propane space heaters

A propane space heater can be used as a supplemental heat source in any area of your home. They can be used in a room that never seems to get warm no matter what temperature you have your heat turned to or in an area of your home that doesn’t get a lot of heat such as a basement, a garage, an attic, a studio, an extension, a detached work shed or a detached guesthouse. Propane space heaters can give you and these different spaces the heat that is needed in order for you and your family to feel comfortable.

Benefits of propane space heaters

Yes propane space heaters are a great source of supplemental heat and they can help keep you warm. In addition to that, they offer a whole range of benefits and advantages to anyone who uses them. Here are a few:

Cold zone space heaters from Tidewater Energy

If your Eastern North Carolina home needs a space heater to keep a specific room or area of your house warm, Tidewater Energy can help! We carry quite the selection of both propane and natural gas space heaters.

The Tidewater Energy team can work with you one on one to select the right space heater for you. We’ll figure out what size you need and make sure you select one that produces enough British thermal units. That is what is going to give you the heat you need and ensure you are getting the best space heater for your specific home and needs.

There is no need to feel uncomfortable in any space within your home. Contact Tidewater Energy today so we can tell you more about our space heater services.

Why Is My Gas Grill Not Lighting?

Reasons for a lack of ignition

gas grill Jacksonville, NC Picture this: it is a beautiful, sunny day here in Eastern North Carolina. You’ve got a backyard full of hungry family and friends who are ready to enjoy the feast of hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken you are about to cook on your grill. You go to turn your gas grill on, but nothing happens. It refuses to light and get started. The first question you probably ask yourself is “why is this happening?”

Reasons your gas grill won’t light

There are a few reasons your propane gas grill might not be lighting. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Refilling your propane grill tank

Since not having enough fuel is a very common reason why a grill won’t light, it is important to know when the time has come for a tank refill if you want to keep grilling. You should order your next supply of propane for your grill when:

Grills and propane from Tidewater Energy

When your grill won’t light and you are in need or a propane refill so that you can keep grilling in your Eastern North Carolina yard, Tidewater Energy can help thanks to our reliable propane delivery service. We can even help you connect your grill (in addition to other outdoor living appliances) directly to your home’s propane tank or natural gas line, which means you will never have to worry about an empty propane grill cylinder again!

Contact Tidewater Energy today to learn about all the propane services we offer!

The Difference Between Portable & Standby Generators

Which one will work best for you?

generators Tarboro, NC It is always smart for homeowners to have a generator on hand in case the power suddenly goes out. Based on the estimate that most homes lose power for about seven hours a year, a blackout at one point or another is inevitable. That is especially true here in Eastern North Carolina where there is all sorts of extreme weather such as winter coastal storms, thunderstorms, tropical storms and hurricanes.

When it comes to generators there are two different kinds out there on the market and knowing the difference between the two will help you figure out which type will work best for you, your family and your home.

Portable generators

As you may be able to tell from their name, portable generators are indeed portable. They are not permanently placed in one specific spot. Instead, they can conveniently be relocated from one location to another based on need. Portable generators turn on and start manually and oftentimes they are made with power outlets on them that you can use for extension cords and to charge appliances and electronics.

Standby generators

Standby generators get their name from the fact that they “stand by” until you lose power. They are also sometimes called whole-house generators. Unlike portable generators that start manually, standby generators turn on automatically.

When power is lost, a standby generator will wait a little while to give the power a chance to turn back on. After that waiting period, if there is still no power, a standby generator will automatically turn on, allowing your lights, heating system, air conditioning system and other equipment to work. Standby generators are capable of working all throughout a power outage since they are fueled by either natural gas or propane – they don’t rely on electricity or power grids.

Benefits of standby generators

Standby generators offer homeowners a whole slew of benefits. Here is a look at a few:

Tidewater Energy has standby generators

Homeowners in Eastern North Carolina can turn to Tidewater Energy for help picking out the standby generator that works best for you, your home and your family. On top of that, you can count on our experienced and trained service technicians to install and service your generator.

Let Tidewater Energy help keep your home’s power up and running. Contact us today to learn about our complete generator services.

Food Truck Propane Tank Services

A look at commercial propane and what Tidewater Energy has to offer

commercial propane Wilson, NC A lot of commercial business owners spend time thinking about and putting effort into ways to make their companies run more efficiently and what they can do to add convenience to their day-to-day operations. Thanks to its versatility and a long list of other benefits, business owners often turn to commercial propane and propane tank services to accomplish that.

Commercial propane

Commercial propane is used within a wide variety of industries and commercial spaces including warehouses, farms, hotels, hospitals, construction sites, spas, restaurants, commercial landscaping and commercial kitchens. It is a popular energy source to use, in part, because of its versatility. Commercial propane can:

How food trucks use commercial propane

In addition to its versatility, commercial propane helps commercial kitchens, including kitchens found in food trucks, achieve precise temperature control while cooking. Commercial kitchens and food trucks can use commercial propane for:

How food trucks benefit from commercial propane

Clearly, precise temperature control and versatility are huge benefits of cooking with commercial propane.

The fact that fryers and grills heat up quickly means they are working efficiently and cooking jobs are getting done at an increased pace. This helps cooks and chefs produce more food at a fast rate and helps business owners cut down on what they are spending on their energy bills.

On top of all that, propane is environmentally friendly, clean burning, considered green and non-toxic.

Commercial propane tank services for food trucks

Not only do food trucks turn to commercial propane to help get their cooking done, but they also turn to a company like Tidewater Energy for commercial propane tank services.

Tidewater Energy’s commercial propane tank services are customized to fit each and every specific business we work with. We are responsive to our customers and pride ourselves on never letting a customer down.

The commercial propane tank services Tidewater Energy provides include:

Get your commercial propane from Tidewater Energy

Tidewater Energy can help keep your Eastern North Carolina business up and running with commercial propane. Whether you need commercial propane for your commercial kitchen, your forklifts or your construction site, you can count on Tidewater Energy to get you the propane you need when you need it.

Contact Tidewater Energy today and let us know how we can help with your commercial propane needs!

Electric Vs. Propane Appliances

What is the difference and what is better?

gas appliances Goldsboro, NC We often debate a wide variety of things within our lives. Of course, there are politics. Maybe there is an ongoing debate between you and your partner or friend about who is a better driver. And, for many, there is a debate over electric versus propane appliances.

What are electric appliances?

It will probably come as no surprise that electric appliances are appliances that are powered by electricity. Some examples of electric appliances are certain stoves, toaster ovens, microwaves, refrigerators and dishwashers. They need either power or an electric grid to run and operate. This means that if your power were to go out your electric appliances would not work until the power returned.

What are propane appliances?

Propane is a specific type of gas. While you be able to infer, propane appliances are powered by propane. Unlike electric appliances, they do not need power grids or electricity to work and operate.

Advantages of propane gas appliances

Propane gas appliances offer a lot of benefits and advantages that electric appliances simply can’t provide. Here is a look at a few:

Turn to Tidewater Energy for propane and propane appliance installation

If you are in the Eastern North Carolina area and need a professional to install propane gas appliances in your home, the technicians at Tidewater Energy can help. On top of propane appliance installation we offer:

Leave the installation of your propane appliances to the experts at Tidewater Energy and never feel like you’ll be without propane again. Contact Tidewater Energy today to start receiving reliable propane services!

Is Propane Renewable Energy?

How the energy source is going green

propane La Grange, NC With our world becoming more and more green and with increasing efforts being put into electronics and appliances to become more environmentally friendly, more people are turning to renewable energy.

What is renewable energy? It is energy made from renewable resources such as geothermal heat, sunlight, wind and the movement of water. All these resources can be restored naturally and most are sustainable.

Knowing what we now know about renewable energy, let’s take a look at whether or not propane is considered a renewable energy source.

Conventional propane

Propane happens to be a clean burning and environmentally energy source. When compared to both gasoline and diesel, propane has a considerably lower carbon intensity. Plus, propane doesn’t contain any methane and it emits basically no particulate matter, which is considered a carcinogen.

Even though propane is already better for the environment than natural gas and other energy sources, renewable propane takes things a step further.

Renewable propane

Renewable propane is made from a variety of organic feedstock such as cooking grease, animal fats, woody biomass, plant oils and municipal waste. It has a small carbon footprint and the hope is that renewable propane will help reduce carbon emissions.

Molecularly speaking, conventional propane and renewable propane are the same, which means you can use them interchangeably in any propane appliance.

In 2021, the U.S. produced about 4.6 million gallons of renewable propane and this number is expected to increase.

Reasons to consider propane

Many people, both business and homeowners, choose to use propane since it is environmentally friendly. But that’s not the only benefit that propane provides. Here are some additional advantages of using propane:

Tidewater Energy has the residential and commercial propane you need

Both homeowners and business owners in the Eastern North Carolina area can count on Tidewater Energy for propane.

Homeowners can get the propane they need to heat their water, cook, dry clothes, light their fireplaces and power their backup generators from us.

Business owners can get the propane they need to operate their commercial kitchens, power their forklifts and heat their construction sites with generators from us.

Tidewater Energy is a full-service propane company. We pride ourselves on providing personalized, courteous and prompt service. Here is a look at what we offer:

So if you are in Eastern North Carolina and are looking for propane for your home or business contact Tidewater Energy today!

Are Propane Fireplaces Efficient?

The kinds of fireplaces that are going to get the job done

gas fireplace washington, nc When the winter weather rolls into Eastern North Carolina many of us start to spend some good old quality time in front of our fireplaces. And if you are using those fireplaces for warmth as opposed to just aesthetics you probably want something that is efficient and actually gets the job done. That is where propane fireplaces come into play.

Propane Appliances

For the most part, propane appliances are known to be more efficient than electric appliances. They can accomplish whatever job they are supposed to get done faster than their electric counterparts. For example, the hot water recovery rate of electric water heaters is double compared to electric water heaters. Using a propane stove gets your food cooked faster with more precise temperature control. Propane clothes dryers dry your clothes faster than electric clothes dryers.

The same goes for your propane fireplaces – they tend to work efficiently, plus using them helps you avoid the mess that comes along with a wood-burning fireplace. However, there are some discrepancies when it comes to efficiency between the different kinds of propane gas fireplaces that are out there on the market.

The different kinds of propane gas fireplaces

There are two types of propane gas fireplaces: vent-free and direct-vent.

Reasons to consider a gas fireplace

The fact that propane gas fireplaces are efficient aren’t their only plus. Here are some more benefits:

Turn to Tidewater Energy For Gas Fireplaces

If you are in Eastern North Carolina, make Tidewater Energy your go-to for both natural gas and propane gas fireplace maintenance, installation and repair services.

Contact us today to let us know how we can help with all your gas fireplace needs!

Benefits of Whole-House Generators

Reasons why a generator may be good for your family and home

generators Many of us go through our day-to-day lives unknowingly taking advantage of the fact that we have power available at our fingertips. Our expectation is that the lights will turn on when we flip the light switch and that the garage door will open when we press the clicker.

However, we can pretty safely estimate that, on average, most homes lose power for about seven hours every year. For those of us in Eastern North Carolina, that number may even be higher considering we are hit with hurricanes, tropical storms, winter storms and severe thunderstorms throughout the year – all of which can cause the power to go out.

And that is where whole-house generators come in.

Whole-house generators explained

Whole-house generators (otherwise known as standby generators) literally “stand by” until your home’s power goes out. When the power does go out, a whole-house generator will briefly wait to see if the power will return before kicking in. If the power doesn’t return, the generator will turn on, which brings power back to your home. Whole-house standby generators are powered by either natural gas or propane, which is why they work even during a blackout.

Reasons to consider a whole-house generator

A short explanation for why you should consider purchasing a whole-house generator and what the benefits of one are is so you can avoid being without power for an extended amount of time. But there’s more to whole-house generators than that. Here is a look at some of their benefits and some reasons why you may want to have one on hand:

Turn to Tidewater Energy for generator services

If you are in Eastern North Carolina, Tidewater Energy’s generator services can help keep you, your home and your family safe throughout any and all power outages.

We carry Kohler whole-house standby generators and our team of service technicians is trained to provide high quality generator services. They can help you pick out the generator that works best for your home, install that generator and perform regular maintenance on it to keep it working.

Don’t wait until you lose power to add a whole-house generator to your home. Contact Tidewater Energy today!

A look at why customers like them

space heater Plymouth, nc

Space heaters are a great way to add extra heat to your home or to a room that just doesn’t seem to get warm through your home’s central heating system.

But when it comes to propane space heaters, the benefits go beyond just providing heat.

Some of the pluses of propane space heaters

Yes, space heaters can add warmth to a home, which, on a cold Eastern North Carolina day, is absolutely a good thing. But there is more to propane powered space heaters than simply providing heat. Here are some benefits of propane space heaters:

What else can propane can do?

Propane is incredibly versatile, which is part of why it is the energy choice for many people and homeowners throughout Eastern North Carolina. It can be used to power and operate numerous appliances throughout your home. Here is a snap shot of what propane can do:

Get your propane from Tidewater Energy

If you are in Eastern North Carolina and looking for propane for your home’s appliances, Tidewater Energy can help. We are a full-service company that provides:

Whatever your propane needs are, Tidewater Energy can help. Contact us today to learn more!